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Groupe MBI is your best ally for all your maintenance, manufacturing, and refractory installation needs. The 11 companies comprising the group work in tandem to offer all the expertise you deserve.

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Our Services

Refractory Maintenance

Groupe MBI offers skilled and dynamic teams that are specialized in refractory equipment maintenance. Our teams can provide full refractory maintenance services for whatever your needs, from the smallest concrete box culverts to holding furnaces, including complete anode furnaces.

Our team of experts can also inspect your equipment and recommend the type of maintenance that needs to be carried out to maintain maximum productivity

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Refractory Construction

Groupe MBI is recognized worldwide for its expertise in refractory construction, boasting over 20 years of experience in the field. Regardless of the scope of your project, you can be sure that our multidisciplinary team will provide the knowledge and skills required to bring it to fruition.

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To accelerate your time-to-market or reduce your costs, Groupe MBI offers prefabrication services for original or custom refractory concrete products, ordinary or reinforced concrete products, or refractory brick products. Our team of experts have all the qualifications required to design, manufacture, and install the products.

Our facility, located in Bécancour's Waterfront Industrial Park, is committed to complying with the necessary quality standards and the diverse needs of large businesses..

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